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Are you bursting to share your creative ideas with the world?  Become a designer for Esther O! We’re looking for your cool and unique décor, food, and craft creations that we’ll turn into DIY craft kits for our—and your—customers.

To get started, just apply! We add new designers to our team on a constant basis. We’ll review your application and your idea, and if it’s right for us- we’ll produce it! We’ll transform your design idea into a simple, fun DIY kit for all of our readers to purchase. You get paid, and you also get to have the awesome experience of seeing people using, wearing, making and enjoying something that was designed and invented by you. Imagine passing someone on the street who's actually wearing your original design!




Send us a short bio of yourself and a quick synopsis of your DIY project idea. Anything from party favors to home décor, jewelry to food styling.
We review all of these ideas and choose new ones to produce each month. If your idea suits our needs, we’ll email you to get all the details of your design.
Then, we’ll create your kit. We’ll put in all of the legwork to turn your brainchild into a reality. We’ll find exactly the right supplies and combine them into a perfect package to send out to the customers.  People will buy your product, have fun with it and make it their own, and then we’ll put your check in the mail. Voila! You're a designer!

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